10 Phenomenal Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Special on Andaman Island

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Andaman Island is a very popular honeymoon destination that draws couples from across the world. Great beaches, natural beauty, hospitable locals, sumptuous spread of sea food and a choice both affordable and plush accommodation and transport options make this island ideal for romantic getaways.

While the place and occasion itself are special, you can make your honeymoon more exceptional and memorable by planning the itinerary together with your better half.  Here are few tips to help you do just that.

1.Stay at a Beach Resort

Andaman is a famous beach destination and it only is natural that you and your beloved enjoy visuals of vast expanses of sea and sands up close from the privacy of your hotel room.  

Most Andaman Honeymoon packages include accommodation at a Beach resort or a hotel at the beach front.  Else, make it a point to indicate your preference. Witnessing the spectacular sun rise with the waters reflecting the rays of the sun, and the equally stunning sunset painting the sky in myriad of shades hand-in-hand with your spouse, is sure to stay in your memories for a lifetime.  

Beach hotels and resorts in Andaman are located just off the waters, offering impeccable views and quick access to the beach.

2. Enjoy a Candle Light Dinner

Many resorts and hotels in Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Islands take special requests from couples for a private candle light dinner right on the beach.  Customized menu and a dedicated staff to serve food, this dinner with your life partner, under the star-lit skies, with waves lapping in the background and sand under your feet will sure remain a cherished experience.  

Alternatively you may also choose to dine at the outdoor deck of many a beachside restaurant at the different islands here.  Ample privacy, great ambience is ideal for couples to spend quality time with each other as they enjoy a special dinner. Do remember to book ahead to ensure availability of the service.

3. Try Snorkeling

While there are several water sports activities that you can enjoy with your spouse, snorkeling is a relatively safe and slow paced activity that is both exciting and relaxing as well.  

The North Bay Island off Port Blair, Havelock Island and Neil Island are some of the popular snorkeling sites that offer some stunning visuals of the marine ecosystem. While North Bay Island is crowded, the other sites are relatively free.

The Elephant Beach on Havelock Island however is ideal for novices, as the shallow water less than a meter-deep houses rich and diverse marine life which is a pleasure to observe when snorkeling with your loved one.  Adept swimmers and divers can venture off Neil Islands for more beautiful views at greater depths.

4. Spot Corals at Cinque Island

This uninhabited island with two distinct landmasses connected by a sand bar is home to spectacular coral reefs that stretch out into the deep seas. You must charter a private boat with permission from the Forest Department to access this island, reachable in 3 hours from Port Blair.

Enjoyable ride through the open waters, stunning beaches, lush tropical forests and colorful reef gardens that are home to beautiful fishes, sea-anemones, starfish and other marine creatures are all simply delightful to share with your loved one. You may also request to camp on the island and when here catch a glimpse of the sunset from this offbeat island.

5. Visit the famous beaches

Beaches are an integral part of a honeymoon, be it the busy ones that are popular for water sports or the more serene and secluded ones ideal for some alone-time with your partner.  The Wandoor Beach and Corbyn’s Cove in Port Blair, The Elephant Beach, Kala Pathar and Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Islands, Sitapur, Bharatpur and Laxmanpur Beaches on Neil Island, and the offbeat yet stunningly beautiful beaches at Rangat, Baratang, Mayabunder and Diglipur are all equally appealing.

While some of these beaches are easily accessible, you may need to trek through tropical vegetation or hop on a boat to get to few others, making the trip even more eventful.  Not all beaches, however, are suitable for water sports including swimming.

6. Go Island Hopping

Make sure to visit as many islands in the Andaman when honeymooning here.  Private chartered boats or regular ferry services are available from Port Blair.  The typical itinerary of Andaman Honeymoon packages includes visits to Havelock Islands and Neil Islands with stop overs that enable couples to explore the local attractions.  

While these islands are popular with couples, you can check out the more pristine Baratang, Diglipur, Jolly Buoy, Rangat, Ross and Smith, Viper or Parrot Islands to enhance your travel experience.

7. Shop for Pearls

Andaman is quite well-known for quality pearls. Surprise your spouse with an artistic gift crafted from some of the best pearls on this Island.  The Sagarika Government Emporium is popular shopping destination which deals in authentic mementoes and gifts that are suitably priced as well.

8. Attempt Para Sailing

While glass boat rides, semi-submarine trips, sea-plane and jet-ski rides are some of most appealing activities for non-swimmers, make sure to check out para sailing during your honeymoon in the Andaman.  

Tethered to a speed boat and securely harnessed in a parachute, the thrill and excitement of flying over the vast blue seascape, with your feet occasionally skimming the waters, is bound to stay with you for life.

9. Experience an Evening Cruise on the seas

A romantic evening dinner cruise through the open waters around the Port Blair harbor is an experience that you must not miss out on.  Exceptional panoramic visuals of the cityscape from the TSG Bella Bay luxury diner are simply stunning.

The two-hour cruise starts from Junglighat and passes through Viper Island, Chatham, Mount Harriet, North Bay and Ross Island before getting back to Junglighat.

10. Check out the Barren Island

Barren Island is home to the archipelago’s and India’s only active volcano! Private chartered boats can take you there but only with necessary permits and clearance from the Forest Department as it is restricted zone.  

The round trip from Port Blair takes about 10 hours and includes food, fishing/diving gear. Visitors are not allowed to land on the Island but can catch a glimpse of the active volcano from the boat, which also has restroom facilities.  

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