Best Budget Birthday Party Delhi Restaurants To Enjoy

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So alright! It is the end of the month, work is tediously stressful, you are dying for a break and running a little low on cash BUT on a very good note, the party animal within you has denied stopping grooving to Guetta or Gaga. If that is the case with you and your friends, then don’t you worry because you are just at the right place as we went ahead and got it all covered for you? We know what a task it can be to decide upon a mutual place of hangout that possess all the requirements that you are looking for so here’s a  detailed list of the absolutely Best Budget Party Restaurants in Delhi. So relax, take a sip and read on!

Here are the list of Best Budget Birthday Party Delhi Restaurants To Enjoy

  • AIR- An Ivory Region:

So it has been a very stressful and monotonous day at work and at the end of the day you meet up with your friends, enjoy their company with the city life in front of you, drink in hand, some feet tapping music and the natural breeze caressing your hair. Is this the definition of post modern life perfection or what? AIR- An Ivory Region provides you with just that. The place has been a very happening and a popular hangout for some time now and all for the right reasons. It checks all the boxes required for a good time starting from Live Sports to DJ Night lives.

  • Decode:

Decode has definitely been a popular place for quite some time now to hangout for the youth of the national capital for its ability to stand out and also the very ambience of this place make it very insta worthy and #lit for the social media. It is one of those happening places in the neighborhood that has successfully combined art, music and food in the best way possible to create this bombshell of an amazing experience for its customers. The geometric theme of ornamentation, the creative food plating and the lip smacking cuisines act as a magnet and make it one of the most sought after budget restaurants to party in Delhi or for any kind of special occasion like birthday party. Birthday party Delhi restaurants are great to check here. Their elliptical pizzas and the cocktails are a must try!

  • Boombox Café Reloaded:

This spot is an absolute favourite for people looking for budget restaurants to party. It is a food lover’s paradise that comes with amazing range of dainty mock tails and it is also one of those places that come with a great number of events and superb deals. The warm lit décor, the music, the drinks and the cuisines are to die for and the place definitely provides one with more of an experience than just an eating out session. It is a party lover’s paradise as it comes with a huge dance floor and as the name of the place suggest, it has got to offer some great music which is sue to make you and your friends want to groove. It is just the right place to set your mood right and happy. This place is a complete package of everything that is fun and on top of that guess what? It would not burn a hole in your pocket. Their kebabs, desserts and the drinks are a must try. You can celebrate birthday party over here and various other parties also.

If you are agenda is to experience a chill hangout day with your friends, Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar is that one place you cannot miss! They are popular for their great ambience and beautiful presentation of food and drinks. To top that, it is also the perfect cave for watching some live sports, sipping some bear and enjoying the lovely music in the background. The place is reputed to have great music played by some great DJs that promise to make even non dancers wanting to shake a leg on their dance floor that the place comes with.  If not that, you can just have a gala time around the balcony in their outdoor seating area that overlooks the city. Birthday party Delhi restaurants are great to book via online party booking platform like Sloshout.

  • Detroit:

This lounge is sure to transport you to a 90s Hollywood film. The place has been set up with the idea of the vintage city of Detroit in mind and therefore the décor is like that of a garage filled with beautiful vintage cars and buses that lends this place a sense of drama and mystery. The place is not only physically huge but also consists of a big screen that is used to display various current sports matches or even music videos. The car seating area might also remind you of Uma Thurman and John Travolta having that fantastic time in Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”. This quirky place is not just about looks but they are reputed to provide a huge range of drinks and the nachos and the pizzas are just spot on! Birthday party Delhi restaurants like Detroit are offering amazing services to their customers.

If you like to consider yourself as an expert fanatic and prefer everything that’s glam, this spot is just what you need. As soon as you enter the place, you are sure to be mesmerized the sheer beauty of this place. The bar and casual dining area is vastly spread across three floors. They come with an indoor seating area on the first floor where you are well suited to party and dance your night away with some really great music, the other floor occasionally have some good band performances and the rooftop area is for the people who want to have a calm and peaceful time with their friends and family after a hard day’s work and relax amidst nature in the comfortable seating area. The ambience, the furnishings, the food and the drinks are as chic as it gets. The place even organizes various events including a recent Corporate Night on Mondays for office goers to get over their Monday blues. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book a table and have a memorable time with friends and family.

You know the place is quirky and so very out of the box when you are enjoying some great food and drinks with your close ones in a place like the court. Yes, you read that right. This two storey lounge has been made with the theme of a courtroom in mind. The place is small and perfect and even comes with a roof top area with great ambience and very courteous and polite staff. It is also hard to imagine yourself partying inside a court room but Judge & Jury allows you to enjoy and imagine just that. It has everything that makes a party perfect from the music to the food and the drinks. The spot is dimly lit and the music is just funky enough to make you want to dance and have a good time instantly.

If your idea of partying hard is to enjoy some mouth watering and authentic food delights, Blackmail is the place you have got to visit. This is a food lover’s paradise and once you have got to experience the amazing food here, you are sure to want to visit again. The place is simplistic with their décor and setting and believes in serving some of the best tasting dishes. The space is turning out to be a favorite among food lovers because of their insane variety of food along with their quality. The place not only serves a huge range of cuisine but it is also reputed to excel with full marks in each and every one of them. This casual dining place is also the perfect combination of great ambience and great food. It has the laid back comfortable vibe to it that you can enjoy with your family and friends. They are well reputed for their North Indian and Italian cuisines.

The bar and casual dining area gives you a goofy and comfortable feel with its warm yellow lights and the wooden décor. The place comes with a rooftop and it is perfect for a night out with friends and colleagues to have a great time under the stars over some good food and drink. If you are also someone that happens to be making rounds of Delhi University, this place also serves like an oasis giving you and your friends a perfect experience for some great finger licking food, good ambience and some amazing feet tapping music.  The place has remained popular with consistent service for a long time now it is spread across two floors- the indoor seating and the roof top area, respectively. Their Italian dishes and the mock tails are worth ordering again and again.

Just like the name suggests, the place gives you the vibe of sitting by a street and enjoying some good dining experience with your close friends or colleagues. The place is pretty with bright colors, trippy lights and good loud music which therefore makes it a perfect and an absolute favorite spot for party lovers. The place is vastly reputed for its great quality in food and it also arranges various events and deals on the weekend to give you a kick start to the coming weekday blues. The place is not only decent but also quite affordable. Birthday party Delhi restaurants like prime street café have different and completely perfect kind of services to deliver to everyone.

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