Difference between Mixer Grinders vs. Food Processor


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A lot of people use words like Mixer Grinder and Food Processor interchangeably but do you know that these words have different meanings? The two appliances have a major difference and in this article, we have highlighted the difference between the two for you. So, let us now jump to the main topic and check out the difference between these two types of products.

Main Differences between Mixer Grinder and Food Processor

Let us take up these differences one by one.

Attachments Available – Mixer Grinder is a basic machine which comes with two or three jars. These can perform the function of mixing and grinding. The major difference here is that the food processor comes with several different attachments which can work for a versatile purpose. There are multiple blades, pots, and jars which are a part of the food processor. You need a lot of space to keep the food processor and the blades should also be kept carefully so that they are away from moisture. Food processor offers a higher utility when compared to the Mixer Grinder and this is because of these extra attachments. Let us now look at the next set of difference

Utility Factor – The fact is that the food processor provides a much higher utility and this is mainly because of the high number of attachments available. You can chop the vegetables and knead the atta using the food processor. You can also grate vegetables and perform many such functions. The greatest advantage of the food processor is that it can perform multiple functions. For the mixer grinder, the functions are restricted to mixing and grinding. You might get additional attachments for a juicer with some of the mixer grinders and that can help you in extracting vegetable juice as well. If you are looking for something that provides basic utility functions for daily use then you can opt for a mixer grinder whereas, if you wish a higher level of utility then you need a food processor.

Another point to note here is that some of the food processors do not provide you with functions which are offered by the mixer grinder. This means that you might end up purchasing a mixer and grinder separately.

Cost –The cost of the mixer grinder is less when compared to the food processors. There isn’t much difference but the difference may still lie between 3 and 5 thousand depending on the model you are choosing. We would recommend you to buy after considering the utility and not the cost. These appliances are used for years before you purchase a new one and hence do not pay a lot of importance to the cost.These are all the major differences between the mixer grinder and the food processor. We hope that looking at the differences will help you in choosing the right product for your kitchen at mixergrinderguru.in. As mentioned earlier, choose the product as per your needs and as per your utility.

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