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If you are looking for a new microwave for the family the Panasonic sensor microwave oven has the capacity to serve you well. Sensor Toaster Ovens are a full sized microwave and with its features and controls represents a rapid and simple meal preparer.

Features of Sensor Microwave Ovens

Easy to use Features

Most of the microwave oven has a large 15 inch turntable that will provide a good sized area for even heating. The control panel enables one touch cooking because the built in sensors can adjust the levels of power needed, and can also work out the time for cooking automatically. The advantage of this system is that reheating and full cooking of a number of different foods like pork, beef, poultry, and vegetables becomes very easy.

For example, for reheating, the delivery of minimal power input is pulsed and this ensures that food temperature is kept at a level that ensures it will not be cooked again. As well, the sensor microwave oven has the facility that allows you to keep food warm until it is wanted – the menu for this has five categories like gravy, stews, and desserts etc.

Effective and Informative Menu

A helpful feature of this Panasonic microwave oven is the proactive menu screen – what this does is it scrolls down cooking instructions in a step by step fashion on the control panel and it comes in three languages: English French or Spanish. All you have to do is press the function key and the proactive menu will provide you with instructions to obtain the desired result. At the same time there is an option that has 10 preprogrammed non-cooking operations.


Of the consumer reviews on Sensor microwave oven received 51% of 5 ratings and 29% of 4 ratings so overall the sensor product was well recommended (4&5; 80%). The most commented on feature of the microwave oven was the inverter and the ability of the microwave oven to actually reduce the energy level during cooking. It is useful rather than have an on/off like the magnetron system type of operation which only gives an average through highs and lows. This means that wet food is not cooked on the outside edges and still frozen in the middle. Reheated food is actually reheated not “nuked”.

Some people didn’t like the door opening method of some microwave oven models saying the button was too hard to push and some had trouble seeing the control panel easily – but these comments were from a small percentage of people (3%). Not being able to see the food cooking very well through the window was another comment made.

There was a comment made that on microwave oven with inverter technology seemed slower than their previous, lower wattage oven. Others commented that although it was a bit slower, the quality of the cooked food was far superior to the on/off type operation from a the traditional turntable-magnetron type microwave and this far outweighed the extra minutes taken.


Overall the comments were very positive and most people seemed pleased with their purchase and we would recommend sensor microwave oven compared to the traditional type of oven.

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