How to book a Singer for an Event?

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Well to be very honest and precise there are two ways of booking a singer for your event. First, the ‘Baba Adam ke zamaney ka’ process, where you go round the blocks, hustling to gather the contacts. Second, is the ‘Digital Baba ke zamaney ka’ process where you visit any online artist booking agencies and book your favorite singer for the event.  Both the process has few pros and cons. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of details.

PROS and CONS of ‘Baba Adam Ke Zamaney Ka’ Process:-


The advantages of this process are:

  • The hustle to get hold of the contact helps you to improve your network. To find the number of celebrity singer, you will come across many people first. Now, obviously it’s your choice whether you would maintain a professional relationship with the contacts is your personal choice, but if you do so these contacts can come handy in the future.
  • Personal satisfaction. Since you will be the one to personally deal with each step you will have the freedom and scope to know everything in details. There won’t be any lingering doubts.


The disadvantages of the process are:

  • It’s a very time taking process. There is no guarantee how long will it take to get hold of the contact details, therefore, the risk factor is very high. You can approach the various freelance event managers, but that also takes time.
  • Due to lack of transparency there were many cases of fraud. Once, a friend of mine lost 30,000 rupees. He had contacted an event manager and made advance payment to book the artist, but the artist never showed up and the event manager never returned the money.

PROS and CONS of ‘Digital Baba ke zamaney ka’ Process:-


The advantages of the digital era process are:-

1.    The online artist booking agency is time-saving and systematic. All you have to do is choose the singer you want for your event and follow the procedure.

2.    The booking process is user-friendly and reliable.

3.    You can instantly check for the singers whenever you want. The online booking agencies are active 24*7.

4. It’s actually cost friendly. It might seem that these online talent management agencies cut a deep percentage but in reality they just take a small amount for their service. In return of hustle free smooth artist booking their share of price is reasonable.  


The disadvantages of the Digital era process are:-

  1. Though the Internet is common nowadays, it still remains true that the biggest disadvantage of online artist booking agencies is its reliance on the Internet. I know it’s rare but sometimes we do face trouble with Internet connections.
  2. You will miss the golden opportunity to come across frauds. Yes, it sounds weird but I have personally come across some memorable fraud characters. I remember one of them always had a smile on his face, and behaved as if he posses the ability to book Linkin Park to Robert Downey Jr. But in reality he couldn’t manage to help me hire a Bollywood singer for my college fest. Yes, we did lose money but luckily we came across GoCeleb an artist management agency.

So, after going through the pros and cons of both the processes you can decide accordingly. I would suggest, be practical with your decision.

How to make a budget for the event?

After all, everything boils down to the hard cold cash. If you have an ample amount of money then the budget is not your worry. But if your budget is constraint then you have to plan your budget properly. The budget for a musical event will have different branches. It doesn’t depend only on the price of the singer, there are other factors also. Similarly the budget for comedy events will vary.

Budget for musical event:-  

a)    Every singer has their specific requirements which don’t come under their rate. Hence, you have to fix a budget for the artist’s requirements.

b)    The arena – It’s a very important aspect of any show, especially when you are organizing a musical event with a renowned singer. If you are constructing the arena then make sure to choose a uniquely attractive structure. In case of a private arena, make sure you book a formidable place to match the occasion.

c)    Acoustic system – It’s probably the most important aspect of a music show. The crowd loves to listen to music. A proper music system has the ability to enhance the ambiance. The audience loves to experience loud and clear music. Therefore, rather than cutting the expenses, invest properly in this section.

d)    Attendees with celebrity – A celebrity is bound to promote the value of your event, therefore it is a great idea to book a celebrity for your event. But just remember celebrities never come alone. Every celebrity is accompanied by a team comprising of manager, friends or special attendee. These attendees accompanying the celebrity are as important as the celebrity. And the organizers have to take care of all their needs. Keep a separate amount dedicated to looking after the special attendees with the celebrity.

e)    Special arrangements – You might have an out of the box idea to make the show more special like organizing a game show for the audience, or making the celebrity distribute gifts to the audience. Go wild with your imagination; just remember to fix a certain amount for it.

Things not to do when the singer is booked.

  • Don’t panic. Sometimes when things happen easily people tend to panic fearing inevitable trouble. The online artist booking agencies cut down the workload of the organizers. It is wise to use the time in perfecting other aspects of the event.
  • Don’t relax until the event is over. Cross check every detail and make sure everything is in flow.
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