How to use SEO for local business.

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Search engine optimization, as the name suggests is a process of optimizing your website to get unpaid traffic from the search engines. In other words, SEO involves making few changes to the website design and content which helps in making your site more striking to a search engine.

What is Local SEO?

The internet is global, but if your business is local it doesn’t make sense to focus on global reach as it will be a waste of time and resources. It’s better to focus your energy on the local community. Now the question is web is global then how is it possible to reach the local audience only? Local SEO helps in promoting your products and services to local customers.

Local SEO search engines works on signals such as local content, links, social profile pages and citations to provide most appropriate results and SEO consultant in Delhi can also help you get the maximum traffic. To increase your local search, you need to focus on three major things: enhance your Google My Business account, update your website and excel on the Web. You can succeed in all three with some patience and determination.

How to use SEO for local business to get the maximum traffic?

The competition in market is continuously increasing, including the local businesses. If you want to top the list and get a good or top ranking you should take care of few local SEO tactics, which will help your business rank higher.

Tags and Title

The most basic thing is the title and meta descriptions tags, they are HTML elements which helps in describing your content in the SERPs. It is basically a preview of your content, make sure not to go too long otherwise your title and meta description will be truncated in SERPs.

However, the Google has increased width of main search results page to 600 px, so you have got more space, still be careful and make sure to put your keywords at the beginning rather than at the end of the sentence.

Selecting the title or Meta description is not enough, they should be unique and descriptive to get the high CTR (click-through rate). Also, include the name of your city to get maximum search results.

Claim Your “Google My Business.”

For every local business, the most important step after tags is to claim their Google my business and Bing places for business page. They are free platforms that will give exposure to your site. If you have optimized your business to show up in Google’s local listings you will get remarkable audience.

Try to list yourself and if your business is already on Google My Business page, you can claim it. You have to follow the verification process, Google will send you a postcard with a PIN in your physical business location, then you can login and use the PIN to verify your account.

The verification process is designed for your benefit only otherwise anyone can claim your business. Also, once everything is sorted, don’t forget to update all the information correctly otherwise the customers will not trust the details and there will be a chance to get the ignorance which will again be a loss for your business.

It’s time to Optimize “Google My Business.”

Once you are done with account creation and verification process now its time to optimize the Google My Business, research has shown that users are influenced by businesses with a complete listing and search them online before intending to visit a store or purchase from them.

Be careful while selecting the category, there is a misconception that the more category you select, more traffic you will get but that’s not true. Google always prefers businesses that categorize their business under the most relevant category. While listing don’t forget to add the below points;

  • Unique and impactful description.
  • Don’t forget the logo, to make it familiar among people.
  • Select the right category
  • Operating hours is important
  • Types of payments accepted should be there.
  • Few quality photos that describes your business looks attractive.

Customer Reviews are important

Reviews are important, they matter a lot and survey has proved that buyers or customers trust the online reviews. They are classical business tools and an endorsement for your business. Do revert and acknowledge all reviews or feedbacks either positive or negative because it shows that you care for their feelings. Remember, the positive reviews from customers improves your business visibility.

For local search always have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile has taken a significant space in everyone’s life, they became an integral part of lifestyle now. Mobile users are increasing overshadowing the number of people using desktop. That’s why to get a good ranking Mobile-Friendly factor is also considered, imagine how much business you will loss if your site is not mobile-friendly because the maximum local searches are done through mobiles now.

Getting relevant backlinks

Backlinks help in improving your search visibility, links received from bloggers, local newspapers, business associations, as well as citations gives you an edge. It also helps search engines recognize your site as a trusted source of information while boosting your ranking.

Check out your competitors and their actions

Your online competitors might be different than your local area competitors. However, when we talk about SEO what matters is the websites that are showing in top 5 to 10 positions during Google search for your targeted keywords. While analysing check for following criteria;

  • The structure of their website.
  • Quality of the backlink profile
  • Number of pages they have indexed.
  • Category and photos, they have used.

You have probably realized there is quite a bit to learn, understand, and implement while working towards high-ranking. Local SEO is an essence to improve the ranking of your business. You can help yourself by collecting the information and working towards it otherwise there are many SEO consultant in Delhi that can do the work for you to get the best ranking.

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