Ways Your eCommerce Website is Killing Your Business


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Everyone acknowledges that businesses need an eCommerce site in order to keep up with the times. However, it’s not enough to simply have one. As a matter of fact, having an eCommerce site just for the sake of having one can be a quick way to ruin how people perceive your brand.

Here are five red flags that may indicate your current site needs an update – and fast.

1.) No clarity of purpose

The intent of your landing page has to be clear from the get-go. If someone on your page has no idea what you’re actually offering in the first few seconds, chances are they will immediately leave the site without a second thought.

That isn’t the only reason you want the purpose of your site to be unambiguous. You don’t necessarily want it to attract visitors who may not want or may be unable to buy your product or service. Rather, you want it to appeal only to the types of customer you’ve decided you want to visit your site in the first place.

2.) Low-quality images

In an age where site hosting services are more affordable than ever and even cheap smartphones are able to produce images that rival those taken by DSLR’s 10 years ago, it’s baffling why low-quality images are still being used on eCommerce websites. Perhaps worse than the use of low-resolution images is the use of images that are badly composed.

Using low-quality images may be a non-issue when you use them internally. However, it can look disastrously amateurish on a customer-facing platform such as an eCommerce site or social media page. Low-quality images in these contexts can signal laziness or a lack of attention to detail – ideas you don’t want your customers to associate with your business.

3.) Difficult navigation

Sites that are difficult to navigate will often create ill-will for your business and drive up bounce and abandoned card rates as well. If your eCommerce site lacks a search bar, a logical flow, or makes visitors struggle to find the links or features they need, you might want to consider finding a digital design company to help you optimize or rework your site’s navigation.

4.) “Incomplete” look

Sites that look “incomplete” do little to inspire confidence in your eCommerce site. If your landing pages lack favicons, meta descriptions, coherent content, or any of the other small but important details that improve a visitor’s perception of your site, you may find that your business’s image and sales will take a hit as well. Make sure that your site at least looks ready to use before you roll it out to the public.

5.) Not mobile-friendly

If your site looks like it came straight out of 2012, it’s about time it had a complete makeover. A significant amount of eCommerce is done through mobile phones. Indeed, in many markets, online purchases are primarily driven by users of mobile devices. Today, most online purchases as of writing are done on desktop or laptop computers, though the gap is closing fast.

Globally, more than half of those online in 2018 were using mobile devices. In all likelihood even the ones who made purchases through their laptops and desktops discovered the product or service they wanted through their mobile phones, later using their computers for the actual purchase.

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