What will King Kohli’s fate be this IPL? Answers India’s leading astrologers Dr Sundeep Kochar

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Undisputedly one of the best players our land has ever bred, Virat Kohli is making his presence inevitable in every table conversation around cricket. His dedication, and hard work has been unfettered from all the difficulties life threw at him.

The passion he brings to the field holds a testimony to his true spirit of sportsmanship. The energy amongst people seeing Virat wearing his 18 number jersey to the ground is electrifying and the IPL this year is no exception! For the cricket fever that is surging in the country, India’s leading celebrity astrologer, Dr Sundeep Kochar made some major revelations about how Royal Challengers Bangalore’s captain, King Kohli would be performing this year. Shining bright like a star, and energizing his team like the Sun, what does “Indian Planetary League” verdict for the Mars ruled player?

In his startling insights, Dr Kochar applauds the player for his go-getter attitude, but emphasizes on the importance of wisdom. “Challenge him and he will outshine every time. He is made to excel at whatever tasks life throws at him. Being a Scorpio, the ruling planet Mars has made Kohli a quintessential player, gaining worldwide recognition.” The Rahu-Mangal combination works greatly for him, which has paved the path of his success. Taking charge of the situations, and being tyrannical is a quality bestowed upon Kohli by his Grahas,” the astrologer adds.

Also mastering the art of face reading, Dr Kochar told the viewers about Kohli’s bushy eyebrows prompting his aggressiveness on the field and his 10/10 energy levels. The people ruled by Mars are powerhouses and won’t stop at anything. Considering how Kohli has set exceeding standards when it comes to love, with him and Anushka Shamra tagged in every #RelationshipGoals feeds, Dr Kochar cites, “Kohli blatantly professing his love is an expression of the immense passion which underpins anything he does. He does not coy and loves with complete dedication.” With his Moon (mind) and Venus (love) clubbed together, love will be his prime drive and therefore, always on his mind.

His guru planet goes completely in sync with his birth name, “Virat”, as the planet’s giant wisdom and knowledge strengthens Kohli’s cognitive abilities. Wisdom is the true binding force, as it provides direction, in absence of which speed would go rogue just like a bull out in the open.

As we know cricket is a team game, and one cannot either blame or praise a single person for team’s failure or success. Although RCB isn’t performing quite well, making it hard for the team to qualify, but Kohli’s ‘never give up’ attitude will definitely make a big difference for the overall team’s performance.

One of the top astrologers in India Dr Kochar says that Virat Kohli will not let us down this season, and with his consistency and positive attitude, deliver a satisfactory performance. Also talking about the player’s humanitarian side, Dr Kochar is assertive that Kohli will also associate himself with community-welfare in 2019.

As for the future World Cup series, Dr Kochar seemed optimistic, and firmly believed that “India definitely stands a chance for the finals.”

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